Catering in the Garden – Make your BarBeCue Little more Exciting

Today I wanted to talk about a very simple technique for making barbecue a little bit more flexible when it comes to when it’s done early on. I heard it’s done when it’s done and the longer I barbecue the more. I find that to be true, so recently I learned about this little trick. It was for a catering problem. I was running into in terms of finishing everything in a way that I could get it all done at the same time, and somebody suggested this is over at the smoky meat forums, if you’re not already reading them or searching them or using them.

Barbecue Garden

You need to start because they have a ton of great information. I’M learning new stuff all the time through that. But the idea was once you finish or once you’re your cook finishes. You usually wrap it, for I usually do between a half hour and an hour of resting time that allows everything to distribute. So if I’ve cooked it, this is going to be my meat example, because, unfortunately I don’t have a nicely smoked meat. How could me right now if this is how it smoked up flip it wrap it in foil, let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour. So as it’s doing that, if you need to prolong, let’s say it finishes at 3:30, but you’re not eating till 5:00. This technique will bail you out.

Basically, you have your piece of meat wrapped in foil, set it inside a towel. I call these our meat towels because I’m allowed to use these for barbecue stuff, so it’s wrapped in foil, wrapped in the towel place it in your cooler, which is actually kind of a funny name. I’Ve always thought of them being something that keeps things cool. It’S actually just an insulator, so keep things warm as well place it in. If you want, you can line it with a towel.

Bottom put a couple towels in whatever you want to do, and then boiling water, hot water pour it on the towel, then shut it and you’re done. I’Ve read people say that they they’ve used that trick anywhere up to eight hours and occasionally they’ll. Just put some more hot water in, I haven’t done it for that long, only done it for maybe an hour or two, and in fact, one of the ways that some people like to finish ribs is once the ribs are done in the smoker put them in Foil, pour either apple juice or apple cider, vinegar on there just a little bit, not a ton. Just so there’s some moisture, wrap it back in foil and then put them in a towel, and they let them sit in there for about two hours.

Everything I’ve pulled out of this. The cooler using this technique is it’s smoking, it’s hot, so I feel extremely comfortable doing it and keeping it safe in terms of temperatures. If you’re concerned about it, you can either use one of those remote probes and just run it out the side. The the gap in in it’s shedding shouldn’t be enough to cause you any major issues. Obviously, if you have a wireless one, that’s fine too, or you can have one of those normal thermometers just to meet temperature thermometer in there, so that when you check it, you can verify that the temperatures in where you want it to be so yeah hope. That’S helpful: it makes barbecue enjoying barbecue a little bit more flexible for dinnertime